Using Guice with Jersey 2 (Part 2): guice-bridge library


The previous post “Using Guice with Jersey 2, without external librairies” proposed a trick to integrate Guice into Jersey2 dependency injection system (HK2) without helpers or libraries. In that post, I have also mentioned that none of the metionned external libraries work well for this integration, which lead to the necessity of that hack. At that point, I was not aware of HK2 guice-bridge, which is the solution proposed by HK2 to tackle the issues related to HK2 and guice integration. This post shows an example of guice-bridge usage.

Using HK2 guice-bridge:

Our Config class from the previous post becomes:

public class Config extends ResourceConfig {
	public Config(ServiceLocator serviceLocator) {
		Injector injector = Guice.createInjector(new GuiceModule());
		initGuiceIntoHK2Bridge(serviceLocator, injector);

	private void initGuiceIntoHK2Bridge(ServiceLocator serviceLocator, Injector injector) {
		GuiceIntoHK2Bridge guiceBridge = serviceLocator.getService(GuiceIntoHK2Bridge.class);

for readability purposes, I have encapsulated the logic for the bridge set up into the initGuiceIntoHK2Bridge method. We can now get rid of the HK2toGuiceModule class.

Wrap up:

As of the time this post is written, the guice-bridge seems to be the cleanest and simplest way of integrating guice into HK2 (and thus Jersey 2), and therefore it is the recommended method to use.

Source code: